Kind and cheerful, Auralee has a dream of becoming a knight. She's very goal-oriented, often to the point of neglecting the big picture or forgetting about the little things.

She's the most well-rounded in the group and always gives 100 percent. Her determination and passion are her strong points.

A seemingly aloof Dragon, Kerr tends to keep his distance from others. He's blunt in his manner of speaking, and can come off as indifferent, which is true a lot of the time. In truth, he's not used to being sociable, and prefers to be alone.

Despite his brusque manner, he's actually fairly observant and possesses an exceptional memory although rarely demonstrates it openly to others.

An amiable Eurius with a keen interest in heavenkind culture, he's normally soft-spoken and sweet. Although he is level-headed, both his curiosity and his emotions tend to get the best of him.

Ilmari, like many water dragons, is very sensitive and acts as the pacifist in the group. He is averse to violence or conflict, and would rather remain quiet on matters if he thinks it'll be more peaceful that way.

Auralee's mother and mentor, Lady Andrine Bayard is a revered former knight who was once the Captain of the Guard for the city of Oliver. Even after her retirement, she is well known among the knights and many hold her in high esteem.